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Welcome to  I am the same Jennifer Lipp who hosted mornings 6:00-8:00AM on 105.9 the FM KMJ, and then handled 9-11AM as the “Jen” portion of the “John and Jen show”.


Come for the Freaks, stay for the podcasts. The difference between terrestrial radio and internet podcasting isn’t a matter of the four letter words that are allowed, that’s not how I roll. This is just a more casual and intimate arena for us to converse. The podcasts post here every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Thanks for spreading the word!

What You’ll Find Here

It’s actually easier to tell you what you WON’T find here…corporate syndication. This is me and my microphone in a studio with a floating 6 foot shark. We’ll talk more about that in a little bit.


Every podcast is going to start out with a handful of Freaks. For the uninitiated, Freaks are the stories that inevitably make you feel better about your own life. It’s stupid people doing stupid things, typically while under the influence of stupidity…or a controlled substance.





  3 Responses to “Home”

  1. Jenn,
    I lost you for awhile and was so happy to hear your voice one morning while I was searching for something to listen to. I have NEVER listened to talk radio, but now FM KMJ is what I am listening to. They have you to thank for that. Radio entertainment at it’s best – – – Jen LIpp!!!! Keep it up.

  2. I haven’t been listening to the radio because school has started. My dad and I would always be in the car before work just listening to you and it was great. I love listening to your crazy chicken storys! 😀 KMJ is by far one of the best radio stations! Never get tired of listening to you and John! I hope that you are doing fine! Thanks for making talk show radio fun. – Xitlaly Jiminez. (:

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